Finally I found a supplement product that actually works for real. How the same product helps my diabetes & high blood pressure Dad to become much2 better and me to lose 10kg in a month is a mystery. It's a miracle^^ (And it's not a drug, already approve by the Malaysia's Ministry of Health and so is in other countries^^). My friends who had also use HERBALIFE product said that their migraine, gastric, and period pain is a history now (^v^)

Hihi. I seriously hope that Nino will try HERBALIFE too and helps with his back pain, difficulties in adding muscle and underweight problem^^. Even people with rheumatism testify that they had never been better b4 HERBALIFE and My sister's friend (a male) who had been condemn because he is too skinny successfully gain 2kg in a week and he is very happy with the result^^ Even Messi takes Herbalife too---I believe it is to build up his body and for energy coz he seems heathy already :D

So, dear friends (especially in Malaysia) contact me if u want to change ur life^^

Random thoughts...

Since Captain is doing Naive cm, does is it means that he need to restrain from doing too much fishing (or he can't go at all during day?)? SInce he need to take care of his skin - Naive shower cream suppose to has amino effect or something that ensure ur skin moisturization^^

The tourism cm is soooooooo cute^^. Ninos' mother is from AOmori? That's Matsuken hometown!!! To think that Nino and Matsuken faces resemble each other....relatives??

pneumothorax... can't believe that Aibachan is the one the most genki among them all, especially during concerts, when he has weak lungs >< That explains why he always sound like Dark Vedder.. I have asthma since I am 4 and this new year I got pneumothorax that needs medical treatment for the first time. Usually it goes away after I rest and minimized my physical activities but last time it was so bad--I miss classes for a week>< - Actually I was too tired that time because I travel too much because there are lots of works to do-- I became bluish and then after another week of tiring activities it became so bad. I can't sleep or lay down coz it will make me coughing badly and unable to breath. I can't eat because I will throw up everything. I throw up so much that my throat hurts so much. I lost my voice and while recovering my voice was so hoarse.....I went to hospital triple times in a week too.....G;ad that AIbachan is ok now^

Nino doing AOmori dance happily is too cute^^ Nyan2 pose suited him too much too^^


I don't understand why some people, while doing group paper work, they just behave like they are dumb and wait for someone to tell them what to do one by one, when they actually able to do their individual paper work nicely....

It happens again this semester. Hopefully next semester I will get great group members. I kind of tired with people rely too much on me...may be I'm not really someone who likes power... Is it impossible to get smart and professional group members where everyone can actually voice out opinion and gives brilliant suggestions???

My group members, almost all of them, are actually do not even read and find information about the topic that we are suppose to do!!!!! AT least read about it!!!!! Then u can actually contribute!!!!

They don't even know how or make an effort to make our power point slides to look more interesting---at the end I stayed up late to improve the slides, after I actually fed them with the paper work--I gave each of them information regarding the parts that they need to do and hoping them to add more and edit them and they just copy paste 100%............

They work hard for their own assignments and play dumb when doing group assignments. What? Do I look so intelligent so that they just leave everything to me?

Not all of them are like that...just, at least give the same level of effort when u do your own assignment. AT least read about the topic!!!!! Some of them don't even know what the lecturer want in the assignment!!!

Be responsible, u r not a kid anymore...don't make urself look so dumb, becoz I'm sure u r not...

Doubutsu uranai and Nino-Karina

Somehow I think that it's quite accurate^^

I don't really like to socialize and prefer to isolate myself but a few months ago I change my attitude(more public speaking,prepared and volunteered presentation, bravely throwing opinion and questions, and casually start a conversation with other, been more tactful with my appearance) as I challenge myself with a new course at a place I have never have been before and somehow I was viewed so differently or i would say my friends and lecturers view my highly^^. Even my result has showing so much improvement- I got 97% in final for one of my paper (I still x know the results for other papers) I really hope I can get 4.0 for my GPA or at least >3.5^^. Pray for me^^

Try it yourself here

I put Nino's name too--he is really something---among of his points are "You are born with luck, and will be recognized socially and economically. " and "Wolves have an amazing chronological memory"

And about Freeter somehow when I watch the making from their promotion appearance Nino-Karina reminds me of Nino-Masami. I mean the way they interact and the cognitive scientist in AnShiagare said that Nino is manly and feminine girls will attract to him. Masami and Karina are indeed the girl of girl to me^^. I mean even if they are wearing man clothes they still look so feminine.

Yes, I'm so jealous but somehow I like Karina- magic club member and she is really Aibachans' twin, that's including they love clothes^^ Nino-Karina will works better than Nino-Masami to me as Aimiya has been close knit since they are 13 and 14 years old, regardless how much Nino bully his Aibasan or how much Aiba being bossy towards his dobusen nakama^^

(no subject)

I just realized that actor and actress from the very high rating drama Kyumei Byoto will appear in Tenkimi^^ Too bad I won't be around for the next 2 weeks but may be when I come back Tenkimi already been subbed ^^; Who knows^^ I'm gonna missed HNA with maochan too >< Maa.. I don't think Nino is her type anyway^^ She picked that buffed and kuro man among Tokiosan-I forgot his name but Nino and him-no resemblance at all >

(no subject)

Because I miss Nino in drama, I watch Nino looks alike, M.K. in Zeni Geba

And guess who is the child actor acting as a young M.K. :

The very same young Ariake Koichi^^. The boy is good^^. I want nino in a rendora, probably as a normal young man^^. Zeni Genba is kind of interesting (I admit that sometimes I imagined Nino in the drama, not M.K.^^)

I'm addicted to The Show^^. I haven't catch up with Smile. Well, I don't usually watch love story >< I might watch it later because of Jun though.

(no subject)

Tomorrow afternoon I'm going back to my hometown^^;. Not sure when I can be online again. Really hope I can watch Arashi at Utaban before going home^^...

And chibis Arashi are so damn cute!!!!! Video by DoubleSJosse